August 08, 2021

3 Condo Balcony Transformation Ideas

One of the most well-loved amenities of condo dwellers is their balconies, no matter how small or spacious they are. If you purchased a condo unit for sale in Lancris Residences by Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation in Parañaque City, you must be excited about doing your interior design to showcase your personality in your home. However, remember that your balcony is not just your space to see the outdoors, dry your clothes, or do your gardening.

As an extension of your condo home, it is best to maximize your balcony to make wise use of every inch of your home. Who knows, maybe you can convert your balcony space and make it your favorite part of your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration in maximizing your balcony, here are some creative ways you can use to transform it.


Alfresco dining space

Due to the continuous increase of COVID-19 cases in the country and the discovery of new variants of the virus, dining outdoors can be a challenge for families, especially those who have children and are taking care of the elderly. To still experience outdoor dining, you can purchase a foldable table together with folding chairs and set them up on your balcony. Lay a mantel on your table for a more picnic feel and eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner there. You can also barbecue on your balcony and serve beers or wine if the occasion calls for it.


Outdoor office space

Since remote work is here to stay, it is best to have a dedicated space for work in your home that is free from distractions. If the rooms in your condo home are just enough for you and your family, you can convert your balcony into your home office. This can be a way for you to get sufficient sunlight and fresh air to keep you productive throughout the day. It is also a safe way to see the outside world around you as you take minutes of rest from constantly looking at your computer screens.

If the space allows, you can set up a complete working station on your balcony. You can put a space-saving desk, organizers, decor items, and relaxing chairs. It won’t hurt to add your favorite plants to your balcony office space to make it more relaxing.


Relaxation and meditation space

The pandemic has brought about a feeling of uncertainty, which has negatively impacted people’s mental health. If you want a breathing space in your home where you can read, relax, or meditate in peace, you can convert your balcony into a tiny cozy area. You can add a hanging chair, hang a hammock, or place a daybed or lounger in your space and furnish it with rugs, blankets, and pillows. You can add fairy lights to your balcony and a reading lamp to give you sufficient light at night. This beautiful space is not only relaxing; it can be an IG-worthy part of your home.

Balconies of condo units in Lancris Residences in Parañaque City are well-planned and amply spaced so you can utilize them to their fullest with the help of creativity and the ideas in this article. When deciding what to turn your balcony into, ask yourself what home space you or your family need? From there, you can start maximizing your balcony to make it a more functional space in your home.

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