August 08, 2021

Is Condo Living the Ideal Choice for You?

When you look at the Metro Manila skyline, it is adorned by high-rise condominiums, especially in the central business districts. If you want to live in the city, then a condominium is the right choice. If you’re considering purchasing a condo unit but unsure whether it’s the ideal choice, then you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, living in a condominium is not similar to living in a house. You’ll have to make some adjustments if you are used to having a bigger floor area, freedom to customize your space, and a quiet neighborhood. In this article, we’ll discuss if you’re suitable for condo living and make a conclusion if it fulfills your needs. 


Does it fit your lifestyle?

Condo living is perfect for people who are on the go. You can easily go out-of-town or fly to another country and lock up your unit, knowing that the 24/7 security guards and CCTV cameras will keep your home safe. You’ll also have a good view of the city outside your window, which will be perfect to start your day. When you’re constantly busy, chances are you don’t have time to cook. Luckily, condominiums are usually surrounded by restaurants and shopping malls to try different cuisines or have a quick bite. 


Location of the condominium

When finding the right condominium, you should consider its proximity to schools, offices, hospitals, and shopping centers for easy access. This means that you’ll constantly hear cars passing by and people out in the streets, but the noise can keep you company, especially if you live on your own. You should live in a condominium situated near your office or school to save time for transportation. Some condominiums like Lancris Residences are located in a residential area but are only a few distances away from important establishments.


What are the amenities in the building?

You should take a look at the amenities and features offered by the condominium. If you keep an active lifestyle, you should purchase a unit at a condominium with a gym, swimming pool, or garden area. It's nice to have an area where you can enjoy an activity like jogging or walking. A playground is a necessity for children so they have space to have fun and meet other kids. Some condominiums offer a study lounge, typically if it’s near a university. A study space is ideal if you want a place where you’re focused on accomplishing tasks. A study lounge usually has cubicles or separate tables, and people are not allowed to be noisy. Function halls are also handy, especially if you like to host parties. You won’t worry about going around places just to find a space for your friends and family to celebrate events. 


The size of the unit

If you’re alone or have a small family, then the typical size of a condominium unit should suffice. Most condominiums offer studio types to three-bedroom units with an average size of 50 square meters. You can have an illusion of a bigger space by using mirrors and having minimal furniture covering the floor. Since there’s a small floor area, at least you’ll have less space to clean. You won’t have to purchase a lot of furniture, so you’ll spend less on the interior by keeping it minimalistic and functional. 


Hopefully, you’ve formed a conclusion on whether condo living is the perfect choice for you. The good thing about a condominium is that you can have flexible living arrangements by renting for a specific period. You can also move around places and find a new property where it’s nearer to career opportunities or essential needs.

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