August 08, 2021

Essential Home Upgrades for Remote Workers

The world is still at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than a year since the initial outbreak. As such, local governments continue to enact quarantine measures to minimize the spread of this dangerous disease. The safest choice for office employees is to work from home. 

While remote work may be the norm, some factors make it difficult for some people. For one, there are various distractions, like other roommates and family members. Communication and coordination also take a hit, as you’re not in the same room as your co-workers and supervisors. 

Here are upgrades you can make to your Lancris Residences unit to make it work from home-ready.


Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Spend more time on your work instead of your aching back and wrist with these ergonomic upgrades:

  • Ergonomic chair — You spend most of your time on your office chair. If it’s something you borrowed from your dinner table,it’s probably doing a poor job supporting your body. If an aching lower back and stiff neck after every workday are all too familiar, it’s time to get an ergonomic chair. 

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of pesos for an ergo chair. Look for one with an adjustable seat height. Once you have one, adjust its height so that your legs sit at a 90-degree angle. This means that your feet should be planted flat on the ground with your thighs parallel to the floor. 

  • Ergonomic computer peripherals — Normal computer keyboards and mice have minimal ergonomic features. Keep your fingers and wrists comfortable while clicking and clacking away at work with ergo peripherals. 

Ergonomic keyboards often have split and tented designs that minimize muscle strain and fatigue. Ergo mice have a vertical angle to keep the hand in a neutral resting position, minimizing the risk of wrist pain during use.


Designate an Official Workspace

Distractions like a loud television, your children running around, or the comfortable sanctuary of your bed can ruin your productivity. Designate an official work area in an extra room or quiet space in your home so that you can focus only on your job. When you need to take a break or clock out, leave the area and don’t return to it until it’s time to work again. This way, you have a physical barrier between your work and personal lives. 


Keep Your Internet Connection Stable

Remote work relies mostly on the internet. You get your tasks from a portal on the web. You upload your documents through email or a submission application over the internet, too. Plus, meetings are held using video conferences on the web. If your connection is all over the place, you’ll end up having problems uploading your work, researching information, and connecting to calls. 

Connection problems often stem from having too many devices connected to one router. If you have multiple family members or you have multiple devices that connect to a single router, your internet provider’s default modem won’t be able to handle it. 

Get a router that has multiple antennas and innovations like beamforming. These features distribute bandwidth evenly across all devices. If your connection is still slow and spotty, ask your provider for repairs or a bandwidth upgrade. 

Distractions, discomfort, and disconnection are the common problems you may experience while working from home. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to them, like using ergonomic equipment, designating your own workspace, and using a reliable wireless router. They’re all worth the time and money you invest when you finally feel productive and comfortable while working from home.


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